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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 22, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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tom: thank you very much. meantime, that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. louis coming back. he will be back here monday. among his guest ♪ ong his guest >> lou: good evening, everybody. the trump administration stepping up the war on violent gang and drug cartel and attorney general jeff session dhs secretary set to visit the border tomorrow. sessions, in an interview ahead of the visit said viulent street gang ms 13 could be labelled a terrorist organization. >> i don't think it is any doubt that the open border and lawlessness we had is the factor in the rise of ms 13. this is one of the most violent
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gangs in the history of our country no doubt about p it. if there were a lawful board many would not be here. >> lou: and homeland security secretary said gangs are a biggest problem. and blaming them for 52000 drug over dose in 2015 alone. >> in a single year we lost as many americans to drug overdose as we it in world war one. and almost as many as we lost in vietnam. >> lou: the attorney general and kelli called for the wall to move rapidly. two weeks ago kelly was not seemingly overly committed to the wall. >> it is unlikely it is a barer
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built from sea to shining sea. >> lou: but sounding more likely. and speaker ryan said he will delay the funding of the wall because of a pragmatic choice. here is the veteran of ten president pial campaign and fox news contributor ed rollins. >> thank you, sir. >> lou: this is quite a journey from general john kelly. ampiggous of his support of the wall two weeks ago and now emphatic that we need to defend the southern border against drug traffics and national gangs. >> i it is wonderful john kelly learned. obviously a four star marine and i think he learned a lot. jeff sessions is one of the
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biggest the star and most equipped of government cabinet officer and they realize what the american public want uponses stopped is the gang upon stoppeded. they don't care about the illegal waiter or waitress or the nanny in the suburbs. but they are concerned about the gangs and if they can stop them and put them in prison as they deserve the public will be tolerant of building the wall. >> lou: or arguably intolerant of paul ryan. this is nonsense. the suggestion that you can bring people in unskilled and uneducated and not impact the cost of the welfare and on opportunities for middle-class americans to have a living wage for themselves and family that the drug carteles have
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unrestricted access. donald trump is taking on the cartel. not a single president or homeland security secretary stand up and say we are taking on the drug cartel. >> there is a war on that board for the last decade. 52000 are killed by drugs in the cities. it is astonishinging numbers and the president focused on this in the campaign. and i think he will move forward quickly. >> lou: think of the coward areness of many in this this country not to say and sneering at the just say no slogan of nancy reagan and we watch millions of lives devastated
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over the last quarter century. because of the transport of those drug and methamphetamine and heroin and marijuana. >> a generation of people have paid a price. it has to stop. and however long it takes to stop it the quicker the better. as long as he has to fight congress to make that happen. i will applaud and fight for him every day. >> lou: the president is engaged in a bunch of fights. whether it is russia, china, north korea or iran. this president is facing as general kelly pointed out yesterday. this administration is facing an extraordinary range of threatses in foreign policy and national security. it is unprecedentsed. >> the most important thing is
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he is a fightener the white house. he shouldn't have to fight his own side. that's what the republican ares need to know learn. he is providing us with leadership upon and we need to follow tell. the critical thing is there is a lot of wasted money in the government and he will try to reset. >> lou: the democrats in georgia came close to winning that race last night. the chair woman of the republican national committee last night said if the republicans don't understand they have to deliver on the president's agenda to avoid a devastating result next year they are beyond comprehension. >> i watched her on the show. she is a mechanic and state chairman and understand upons the mechanics of day-to-day
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politics. the democrat came close to winning. i don't think he will win. the only way he will wins if the republicans stall and tonight move an agenda forward and show progress. and then the democrat can make the challenge that trump and the republicans are not moving forward. quit fighting among yourself and come back with an agenda. >> how dew do that if you are p president trump with a speaker of the house that is is opposing you. tax reform, build a wall, repeal or replacement of obamacare. >> i would call him out and sit him down mr. speaker are, tell me why you can't do it. and i will go to those member and try to make the pitch p. but i don't want you opposing me and right now, that's the way it looks. i will put the spotlight on the
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speaker. the health care bill he put there was sdaefrt. 78 of his own members are not voting for it. there is nothing out of the speaker's office that will move the country forward. >> lou: and you are watching a speak are with energy and animation oppose the president of the united states. it is ugly to watch and bear if you are a republican hopeful victory in 2018. >> i don't know what he was doing. >> lou: he's exploring his foreign policy. >> he has a big domestic policy and he better move ahead and get on board. >> lou: edrolin, being politic there and i think everybody got the message. we'll be right back. the deep state's efforts to
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>> lou: homeland security secretary john kelly defended the trump administration plan to hire more board agents. kelly said it is amounting to a deportation force. >> there is a huge number of illegal aliens that have to be dealt with. if you are here illegally you should leave or deported and put through the system. it is a complicated problem and the law is the law. >> lou: the law is the law. that is music to the ears of millions of americans.
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critics are blasting the deep state judiciary for trying to put sheriff a pyreo behind bars. the clinton judge will decide if he will serve jail time to stop the immigration patrol. the sheriff insists that the disobedience was not intentional. joining me on the latest on the obama spying scandal will is sarah carter, national security and war correspondent for are circia news. your reporting on circa news led the way on the unmasking scandal and susan rice scandal. where are we headed now on the very latest? >> i certainly think the next step upon here is the house intelligence commit eye and senate intelligence committee is
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reviewing the documents they are asking for from the nsa, all of those records that were amassed. remember that susan rice could ask for them and they were based on national security implication. she didn't need to explain herself anymore beyond that to get those document and request the unmasking. what was she looking at and others looking at the same documents and why? did they have to do with russia or far beyond russia. one of the things i heard and it issing and're interesting and talking to folks this past week. they are not getting all of the documentation thaw requested. if they requested certain group of documents, they are not getting all of it. it is redakted and they don't have the names of people who
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requested the unmasking or who they unmasked and this is a potential problem be in the house intelligence committee. and i am certain they will try to resolve it with the nsa, and with others. that is something to look at as we move forward. >> lou: there are sufficient left overs from the obama administration hilo placed within those agency and this is following a pattern that marked the obama administration, the era, of immense redakz on the documents they did produce and questions of where was the rest of it that we asked for. ultimately whether it was benghazi or fast and furious and whatever the congressional investigation, ultimately the fire left their bellies and they simply wrapped it up. the history of congressional
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investigations over the obama presidency is not a good one. >> that's true. there is enormous frustration in the intelligence community. when we broke the story,john solomon and i. he is fantastic. the intelligence personnel wanted to share. they don't want to look like they are spying on americans. and they have a deep concern that that is how they were portrayeded. we were able to get the documents that shpt upon be able to be declassified until 2045. and the administration signed off to allow them to redakt the names with more frequency. director brennan and james clapper. because they are part of the
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intelligence community, that would be their purview, but we saw susan rice doing the same. the expansion of powers aloud them great access in to what we thought was private information and conversation. >> lou: john brenon and james clapper, both caught lying about the extent of their activities in the intelligence community and their own, whether it be the cia spying on the intelligence committee. let me quote lindsay graham talking about privacy and the incidental collection. he said, this is scary to me. speaking about the obama and susan rice scandal. i understand it is part of the process, but when you have the
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government officials like myself, the trump team, i think you should cut the machine off. there is the impression that the farther are than the trump team and senator l.a. graham and almost in every direction. >> i think you are right. i think it went much further and evidence of congressional member and aides unmasked once a month if not more and concern that journalist in fields that were protected was unmarvinged this is something that the house intelligence committee is looking at. they expanded the investigation in to this. it should be a concern for every american p. how far did this go and why? >> lou: sarah carter, we'll be watching you carefully and make sure we are up to date on how
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far it combchltz follow me on twut twit at lou dobbs. up next. president trump signs the america first. putting american workers first again. >> american workers have long called for to end the visa abuse and their calls are answered for the first time. >> lou: those visas, hib, the subject of my commentary tonight. yet some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back to a few places. and then, change those places every few months. enough with that! (echo) with quicksilver from capital one you've always earned unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. welcome to unlimited.
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>> lou: congress remains in recess one more week. they are facing extreme left wing activist and after they failed to pass obamacare.
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>> reporter: congress may be gone for recess but conversations are continuing to try to get the votes to pass health care reform in the house. >> listen, this is a 50/40 we will get it done. >> reporter: they helped to develop and vote on the plan. >> the bill is close to be ready to go. and it will not require a great deal of time on the house side is. >> reporter: house speaker ryan is traveling overseas. and they are designed to win over conservative and ensuring they don't lose moderate support. jeff daniel pledged to keep popular components of obamacare. >> i am a no until it is responsive to my community.
5:26 am
>> reporter: it is not only republican ares. senator feinstein took heat from her base in san francisco. >> how will help support the single payer health care. >> if it means complete take over by the government of all government. i am not there. >> reporter: that's not likely with republicans in the white house and majority on capitol hill and vice-president pence is trying to get the support to pass p the republican health care package. >> there was a week or two where i saw more of mike pence. he was everywhere and in every meeting of the republican members whether moderates or conservative. the vice-president was front and center. >> reporter: several sources
5:27 am
are consciously optimistic. and i am told that congress would need to suggest funding the government first. and some sources say a health care vote in the house could happen by the first week in may. >> lou: a few thoughts of president trump cracking down on the hib that feeds silicon valley. american workers are losing jobs to workers on visas for years now. are you ready for a number that you don't hear by people held by foreigners instead of americans. 1 million jobs in this country are held by foreigners on h- 1b visas according to a goldman sachs steady. and american ps are required to
5:28 am
train the foreigns to get ser severance pay. it happen in disney andifieser and others. they claim that is a talent upon shortage among the americans. that is false. it is clear they are simply looking to hire cheap foreign labor. even though the workers are supposed to be paid as much as american ps. 80 percent of them are paid less than the median wage. they brought in market rates to replace middle-class workers and it has been figure on for two decades. and the recent report shows the job computer in science field would be up len percent and if
5:29 am
there were lower wages. president trump talked about the abuse of the worker's programs in the campaign. the buy american and hire american message is finally being heard. h- 1b applications have fallen. 199,000 this year and a step upon decline of 236,000 last year and 233,000 the year before that. the numbers are too high. president trump is putting american workers first once again. putting america first. our quotation of the even. this from kevin brady who chairs the house way and means committee. he said this: the end of the day. republican driven tax reform
5:30 am
will be good for the economy and growth and good for middle-class americans. hopefully the entire agenda of president trump will be enacted with that goal in mind. america first. we're coming right back. vice-president mike pence. reassuring our allieses in asia and stepping up threatses to nuclear north korea. we will not rest until we achieve the objective of a denuclearized north korea. >> and russia flying the bombers near the state of alaska. that was not friendly, was it? it is it a worsens relationship between the united states and russia. that and much much more straight ahead. take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose
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>> two russian nuclear capable bombers flying off of the coast of alaska last night. they came as close as 100 miles of the codiac island. there was early warning aircraft to intercept the bomberers. they reversed course within 12 minutes of the jet fighters. and the bomb ares you may notice
5:35 am
are like the b- 52 bomb are and that is well used. and the t- 95 entered production in 1956. with a number of carients introduced. america's b- 52 was in 1951 and still doing their job. dhs secretary john kelly disclosed that the fbi has open terrorist investigations in all 50 states. kelly in a speak in george washington university. said 37 islamic state plots to attack the united states since 2013. and joining me to discuss the latest provocations from russia and north korea and president trump's defense.
5:36 am
and general jack keane. and first your reaction to the again, close approach by the tu95's? >> i think it is the pattern as you identified is a worsening relationship with russia. i believe they have had a rough two weeks. and backing assad and the world condemnation pureed down on raushia and a saw. and tillerson calling out russia for supporting assad. and not pulling the separatist forces out of ukraine. and thee, for middling in a u.s. america. john kerry's taos of coddling the was over. and they have to recover a little bit of their prestige. >> and turning to north korea.
5:37 am
promising a missile launch a week. and the pela costity continues. and you get the sense and that is a lack of balance on part p of the north korea. and suggesting a strategy and what it want upons. >> that's the case. kim jong-un advanced the development of ballistic missiles considerably further than the predecessor and development of medium range ballistic messils and fired a submarine. and had six in the parade. and the thing he concerns most. intercontinental ballistic missiles and at a accelgreated
5:38 am
pace and that has our concern and why vice-president pence was there and tillerson and mattison. and i am encouraged because i think what is happening the obama administration never put p the military option on the table. and the koreans made all of that advaps. and president trump puts it on the table and the chinese first time ever in 20 plus worries finally saying to our administration. they will coerce north korea to stand down the program. i don't know if they are gaming us and maybe they are. but this is the first time they tried to defuse the crois i guess. >> that is a big question and
5:39 am
absolutely direct it is 20 plus of the united states and through president bush and obama. and president trump is genunerous. it was part of the obama administration, but you point out it was going on for a very, very long time. i want to turn if we may to general kelly. security of homeland security today. let's put up something that the secretary said and i think most americans will, very disturbing. y he said terrorist in the united states are plotting attacks every single day. and i tell you, they try to carry out this mission each and
5:40 am
every single day and no one can tell will you how to stop it. no one. secretary kelly, general, talking very tough and directly to the american people. a week being ago he talked with ambigut about the wall. but not today. unrelenting threat or national gang members and human smugglers at our borders. one of the characterivityics of the pump bum administration minimize the threat and here the secretary. he knows how disturbing it is. and he sees the intelligence report. you have a right to know what i know. this is your country and your
5:41 am
children that you are trying to raise. we are working a threat. there are 36 isis like plotses in the country day. and i am not sure w knew that and with that refreshing honesty goes trust and confidence that we will give him and he will do something about it. >> absolutely. and he will be commended for the straight talk and he is talking to adults and his words will be received by adults in the country as they should be. with concern and also support. the jobs and departments of homeland security and defense have to do for us all. general, thank you for being with us. >> good to talk to you. >> and a failure for the georgia if election. >> democrats spent 8.3 million
5:42 am
and said on the record the goal was to win. and they lost. >> lou: kimber ply joins me here next. and russia stepping up provocation on the coast of alaska. stay state. -- stay with us. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain.
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>> lou: president trump blasting the democrats because they lost georgia's electionment some thought mostly democratic loyalist of the highest order thought he might get more than 50 percent of the vote and win the society. he came you up short. followed by republican karen handle, former secretary of state in a crowded field. and 11 republicans receiving 51 percent of the vote. and ossoff received 49 percent. and it was a tight race and a lot per people to know b. >> the crack down on illegal will immigration and kimberly is
5:47 am
here. >> hi, lou, great to be here. >> lou: i couldn't see what ossoff had going. >> he is an unknown really of obama. and hoping on fantasy island. >> they seem pretty close. >> a wake up call. very young and inexperienced and not much of a rez are may and 97 percent of the money is outside. he couldn't vote for himself. >> lou: the folks on the sixth district, come on, are you serious? >> it is a siing dmal and a lot
5:48 am
one and ronald mcdaniel of the chair woman republican committee saying if republicans don't understand upon that the trump agenda has to be passed on capitol hill they are going to lose. she was plain spoken and direct. >> they need to get her done and it is it enough already. the media is desperate for a win against president trump and wants to do something that rattles the cage. but the republicans have to earn every seat and make them out you caught. >> lou: the national left wing committee is want uponing someone other than the media and his own party led by paul ryan on the house side who is opposing the wall and opposing
5:49 am
health care reform and replacement of obamacare and opposing tax reform. they are missing the historic tore store. >> they are burying the head lune. you highlighted. well done. you should is have your own show. and this is so frustrating and you look at it go down and check the box. president trump, they should thank him. he's the reason they are reelected and new people who came in and put it together and make sure to achieve the agenda and platform that the president campaigned on, it is very simple. >> lou: the big beautiful with wall and door as the president said. he's got the guts to say he will
5:50 am
fight the drug cartels. >> they are not footballinging and attorney general jeff sessions saying we expect and demand that the laws will be enforced and upheld. health care saying. have the make strong talk and these people who will back it up. they were elected to do a job and they have the seats and the president to thank for. what will they do to make sure the agenda goes forward? big trouble if they don't. >> and a great big plus for the administration in attorney general jeff sessions.
5:51 am
he enforceded the laws of the united states. >> as a former prosecutors, i applaud him and thank him. we have someone. i am behund him 100 percent. ncheck you on on the fox news channel; the five is moving on up. >> 9:00 prm eastern, low. we are special smart enough not to compote with against you. >> that's one thing i always appreciated. >> the five at nine. beginning on mopped. >> and a call, the violence left wing agitators we'll be right back. stay with us. flonase allergy relief helps block 6 key
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>> lou: joining me now senior editor molly hemmingwachlt great to have you here. and chief correspondent of the washington examiner byron york. molly, letty's start with you. the appeal from kelli ann conway from democratic leaders to end the violence. the left wing organizations are paying for is falling on deaf ears. >> this should have been a good
5:56 am
issue to oppose president trump. and you should have seen large protest of the centers. the fact it is extreme violent groups speaks how it is not going. rachel took the air out of the balon. people should condemn violence when it is suing in the way. and the president doesn't release the tax and it will. and that is the reason the administration hasn't. and not many people will be upset about it. >> no.
5:57 am
i think he changed the facts on the ground here and he will not do it and they can't make him do it. democrats on capitol hill will try to use a russia investigation to mach him do it and that will not be successful. and right after the inauguration there was a womany's protest it was really, really big. and what we saw on tax day not big as moll suggested and and not a big deal. >> right, it is open society funded nonsense on the left that is having a little affect. i was struck by general kelly, department of homeland security, molly, saying that we have the
5:58 am
deal with illegal immigration. and it almost appeared as though he was on msnbc's meet the press and making good for a tepid performance before congress where he was ambiggious about the wall. but making it clear the administration will pursue illil immigrants. >> it is not so much enforcement as the bully pulpit. it seems what is happening is rhetoric. the question is what is happening in enforcement. and the broad desire for people to see enforcement of the current immigration laws. >> i think you are right and see
5:59 am
your reasoning and at the same time the report over the same period there is increase in apprehensions and there was enforcement at the boarder and in addition to interior. and byron your thoughtses on the same subject. >> the change of what is catch and release. under president obama, a person can say i will here to enter illegally. and they give them a piece of paper, and show upon in court in six months and that is ending that practice. word has goept out. and there is interiorp forcement figure on. and focused on people who are
6:00 am
hire illegally and some, and the bomb by you can't stay here. >> lou: good night. york. [♪] kennedy: have conservative and moderate republicans struck a deal on healthcare? house speaker paul ryan says yes. hillary clinton reportedly livid over the new book on her campaign collapse. richard fowler has more on the hunt for the leakers. grab a spoon. it's time to feast. there is a noticeable difference in the way people feel and talk about marijuana. even if you don't smoke pot or agree with legalization. hear me out with the economics of all of this.


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